Significant changes and improvements in the latest version of PS CLEMENTINE PRO 3.3 solution:

Optimization in terms of available nodes:

  •         Continuous machine learning is available for the Auto Classifier node and the Auto Numeric node, helping to effectively overcome model drift.
  •         A new setting called Perform non negative least squares has been added to the GLE node on the Build Options tab under Parameter Estimation.
  •         A new setting called Lines to scan for column and type has been added to the Excel Source node.

Expanded list of supported databases and other platforms:

  •         Db2 11.5.
  •         Db2 Warehouse.
  •         Db2 Big SQL 7.1.0 on Cloudera Data Platform 7.1.5.
  •         Cloudera Impala 3.4.0 on Cloudera Data Platform 7.1.5.
  •         Apache Hive 3.1.3 on Cloudera Data Platform 7.1.5.

New platforms and analytical environments:

  •         RedHat 8.3 is now supported.
  •         A new version of R is used (4.0.4).

If you want to know more about the new release of PS CLEMENTINE PRO 3.3, please visit our website: ps-clementine-pro-3.3-what's-new

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