Changes and improvements in the latest release of PS IMAGO PRO 8.0:

New, advanced data analyze procedures:

  •       Meta Analysis.
  •       Kernel Ridge Regression.

Updated and improved statistical procedures:

  •        Test Power Analysis.
  •        Ratio Statistics.

Other improvements in analyze procedures:

  •        The General Linear Model (GLM) procedure user interfaces now provide a Compare simple main effects setting on their EM Means dialogs....".
  •        Adding one-sided T test to standard-calculated two-sided T test.

 Changes in the output objects:

  •        Relationship map.

Improved work efficiency:

  •        Workbook.
  •        Search enhancements.
  •        Pivot table editor.
  •        High contrast mode.

For a full list of information about the new procedures, objects and improvements to PS IMAGO PRO 8.0, please visit our website:,en

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