PS QUAESTIO PRO - authorization
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After system restart, but before starting the PS QUAESTIO PRO solution (eg PS QUAESTIO Desktop application or some application from the PS IMAGO PRO package), the license authorization wizard (PS Activator) should be run.

The PS Activator is available in the Predictive Solutions program group (available from the main START menu of Windows). In the third step of the PS Activator wizard there is a place to enter the authorization (or license) code provided by Predictive Solutions.

With the same authorization (or license) code, the license for all components of PS QUAESTIO PRO and PS IMAGO PRO (IBM SPSS Statistics, PS IMAGO Designer) is activated.

In the case of network license (ie with the license manager software installed on the network) the code must be entered earlier also on the license server.

Entering the authorization code and activating the license completes the installation process.

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