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Software activation

Before launching any of the PS CLEMENTINE PRO applications for the first time, run the license authorization wizard. No activated license for the solution is signaled by the corresponding message when attempting to run any of its components.


To activate, run the PS Activator application. This program is available in the Predictive Solutions software group and from the PS Desktop application.


In the first wizard window there is a summary of the license status.


Next, the hardware identifier of the computer is displayed (for example, 4-23F8A or 100-2123F).


In the next step you need to enter the activation codes. You can activate multiple codes at the same time (button add additional codes). The codes are sent to the online license server.



If you connect to the Internet through a proxy server, the wizard shows you the option to go to configure proxy settings. In this case, you must complete the proxy settings properly so that the authorization can proceed successfully.



A successful connection to the web server completes the license activation process. The state of activation of PS CLEMENTINE PRO solution’s individual components is displayed in the last screen of the activation wizard.



In case of the absence of internet license server connection, the activation is made by entering a special license code.

The activation procedure using the license code is the same as described above. The license code allows the software to be activated only on the specific computer for which this code was generated.


Upon completion of the activation process, PS CLEMENTINE PRO is ready for use. It is recommended to start working with the solution by launching PS Desktop application. The application provides access to individual components of the PS CLEMENTINE PRO solution. The user can also display a help file detailing the architecture and management of the PS CLEMENTINE PRO solution.


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