PS IMAGO Portal - system requirements, Instruction
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PS IMAGO Portal is an original system of Document Management System (DMS) class. It also uses components of public technology, made available under Gnu General Public License.

Among the technological components, used in the PS IMAGO Portal, are:
z Apache httP Server 2.x (currently Apache 2.2.25) with built-in PhP language interpreter
z MySQl 5.x database engine (version: 5.6.15 – MySQl Community Server (GPl))
z PhP 5.x engine (currently version 5.3.28)

All of these components are referred to AMP platform (lAMP on Linux and WAMP on Windows). In the installer for Windows platform provided by Predictive Solutions there are all of the components listed above. But the end user can also use his own (previously installed) instances of the Apache, PHP and MySQl systems to install the PS IMAGO Portal solution.
The PS IMAGO Portal solution also uses JavaScript jQuery scripting libraries. Communication with PS IMAGO Portal system is done by standard http protocol. But it is
possible to use safe httPS.
The clients of the system are web browsers (Ie, Firefox, Chrome), dedicated to the recipients of analytical reports, and PS IMAGO Designer application. It is suggested to use the newest versions of web browsers to work with the system. PS IMAGO Designer application, tool for analysts and designers of the reports, also connects to the system via httP, it reads the business structure of the system repository and forwards the report files to the repository, together with metadata needed for proper presentation of analytical reports on the portal.

Currently, the installation of PS IMAGO Portal system is possible on Windows and Linux. All versions of Windows (xP, Vista, 7 i 8.x, 2008, 2012) and popular Linux distributions are supported.

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